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Re: Three doctors who deserve the Nobel Peace Prize

Dear Sir or Madam:

Three Sri Lankan doctors worked among the civilian refugees huddled in Vanni, Sri Lanka.  Without adequate staff, medicine, food, or other resources they kept their makeshift clinic operating until three days before the end of the civil war there. They carried on their work amid cluster bombing and shell fire which swelled the numbers of wounded and dying.

I think they deserve this recognition because they have, unselfishly and at great danger to themselves, worked tirelessly to save the lives and alleviate the suffering of war victims in Sri Lanka. Saving lives and reducing suffering are certainly within the “humanitarian” criteria considered by the Norwegian Nobel Committee when they are choosing candidates.

Because Sri Lankan government banned all journalists and humanitarian organizations from the war zone, the doctors became the only unbiased source of news from the battle area. This made the Sri Lankan government furious. The doctors have been arrested and will be held for up to a year before being charged with harming the country, the government has revealed. Some doubt that we will ever see the doctors alive again.

I would like to propose that these three doctors be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. I can not nominate them, so I ask that you, as a qualified nominator, to consider doing so.

The three doctors are named Thurairaja Varatharajah, Thangamuttu Sathyamurthi and Veerakaththi Shanmugarajah.

If you decide to support the nomination of these three doctors, here is a link to a sample letter that I have written which might save you a few minutes in composing your own:

 Thank you.


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