Re: Tamils to ICG: Good Job, and Let’s Pursue the Referendum

January 31, 2013

Ms. Louise Arbour
President & Chief Executive Officer
149 Avenue Louise
Level 24
B-1050 Brussels

Dear Ms. Arbour,

We at Tamils for Obama wish to express our approval and admiration for your conscientious   and appropriate execution of your duties at the International Crisis Group. We wish to convey our high regard to you personally and to all of your staff.

We would like to express our thanks for your superior investigation and reportage in informing the world in the following matters.

  1.  ICG was the first to call for an international investigation into atrocities and war crimes committed by Sri Lankan armed forces and the government.
  2. Your ICG was the first to inform the world of the horrendous situation facing Tamil widows in the north and east of Sri Lanka.  Your organization put a number on the population of widows: 90,000. It is important that a respected and neutral outside group gave a measurement that showed the scale of the Tamils’ misery.
  3. After the civil war ended and much of the world’s attention went elsewhere, ICG continued to monitor abuses and horrors in the occupied north and east of Sri Lanka.
  4. You reported on the uprooting of Tamils from areas they have inhabited for centuries and the resettlement of these areas by Singhalese. This was another thing that the world would have ignored if you had not reported it.

We at Tamils for Obama believe that only a referendum among Tamils can establish the popular will of the people in the north and east.  We expect that sooner or later ICG will come around to our way of thinking—that something like the South Sudan model must prevail--and that you will help to lead the world in this direction.

Thank you.
Tamils for Obama